An event for video artists of all kinds.

November 4th - 10th in Phoenix, AZ

Vidicon is a gathering of video artists, analog, digital, software, hardware and everything in between. For one week there will be a never ending sessions of jams, talks, workshops, impromptu art pieces, collaborations and performances. Hosted in one warehouse featuring 4 video walls including a 35' LED wall from a football stadium, projectors, lasers, liquid, CRTs, and a bass shaking sound system. It's our hope that this "alpha test" of the Vidicon event sparks interest in creating similar events to inspire video artists the world round. 

Digital visitors, please join us at our pavilion to view the event in progress:


Vidicon is proudly a member of the wrong biennale

Art by... 
1. Evan Henry
2. Bill Wiatrowski
3. Johnny Woods
4. Phil Baljeau
5. Lars Larsen  

Vidicon is proudly sponsored by: