An event for video artists of all kinds.

November 12th - 15th in cyberspace, the year 2020.

Vidicon is a gathering of video artists, analog, digital, software, hardware and everything in between. For one week there will be a never ending sessions of jams, talks, workshops, impromptu art pieces, collaborations and performances. Given the nature of the events of this year, pandemic, global uprising against racism and hatred, and the rethinking of many things we used to take for granted, Vidicon will be virtual this year. We plan to host the event in a number of virtual spaces to encourage collaboration, communication, and creativity. If you have something to contribute, whether it's an interactive virtual art piece, idea for a talk, workshop or panel, or just want to volunteer to help, please click on the Contact Us page and reach out!


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Art by... 
1. Bill Wiatrowski
2. Phil Baljeau
5. Chris LeBlanc 

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