Vidicon 2020 - New Tech, Same Community (NTSC)

Alternate title for the European Ravers out there: People, Art & Love (PAL)

Vidicon preparation is underway and fantastically pulling together somehow from it's own power. This time last year we were scrambling to prep the venue and infrastructure, booking flights and planning parties. This year, the same is happening but in a space untethered from the physical realm. A collective manifestation in the Noosphere.


Please, if you want to participate in Vidicon submit an event proposal, along with a few sentences to bring some eyeballs to your performance or talk and links to your socials and website. This will be published on the website. I am eager to get the schedule finalized and need to do that SOON™. If we talked, or even if we didn't please submit an event proposal otherwise it won't be scheduled. We hope to have some free "open jam" spots but those aren't guaranteed. 

Submit Event

A lot of the event hinges on our infrastructure and streaming plan. Luckily, our community is filled with BRILLIANT minds and I am truly honored to be working with some people I admire deeply. Collectively we have support from the Scanlines.XYZ community to host this outside of the traditional monopolized streaming platforms in our own infrastructure. The main stream will be right on the domain. We plan to multi-cast to the other platforms so it's accessible anyways, but the chat and action will be right on our website. 

With brilliant minds comes a bit of experimentation always, and we have some fascinating treats to bring stimulate the aesthetic juices. First up Autr has created a platform for multi person video coding art with Hydritisi, a combination of the open source web conferencing platform Jitsi and the Hydra video synth by Ojack


Second, we plan to have a virtual interactive space that will be open for the event hosted on Mozilla Hubs. Accessible by VR headset, mobile phone or desktop, this space can host multiple streams (from twitch, youtube, etc) images, 3d objects and is just plain darn FUN. We will have a talk by Matthew D Gantt that will discuss Sonic Virtualities and their experience with hosting virtual concerts in Mozilla Hubs. Can't wait.

Mozilla Hubs is pretty cool (Feat. Bruce)

This time last year we were thinking "Hey, even if no one shows up at least we have our friends gathering together, sharing what they are working on and expressing their creativity together."

The plan is the same this year. 

Submit a talk or performance, register for the event if you haven't, tell your friends, vote if you are in the US, schedule time for the event and test your streaming set ups. 

We will see you soon in the noosphere


Ed Kennedy
Vidicon Catalyst