Vidicon - Brain Melting Starting Now

My Brain is Melting Now So Yours Can Melt This Week

Wow. What a wild ride this past week has been. Besides the election, which totally derailed the attention of the world for a couple weeks, lots has been going on to prep for Vidicon. Currently we have 37 different events planned and 117 registered attendees! We have attendees from all over the world, our own platform and one of a kind workshops. We even just added a KiCad workshop if you want to design your own video circuits!

The scheduling and planning is where my brain is melting. Luckily this Odoo platform I am using was able to help with the scheduling a bit. You can see the agenda HERE. The general idea was - talks during the day, performances during the evening. 

I left Facebook a few months ago which has made promoting an event WEIRD. Here are a couple promo videos if you want to help let others know about this cool event. I admit, I have been stretched too thin to think much about promotion so if others want to step in last minute that would be great. Please check out some promo videos that some volunteers made here. If you want to upload your own, please do and send a link to me!

The event will be streamed on the web, thanks to our gracious hosts at Scanlines.XYZ and MultiModal Productions. Check out our stream site here: 

Artists! We will be having you send your streams to me, where we will cue them up before you go live, sound check, and then switch you over onto the main feed. There are also a few - fingers crossed - collaborative streams with visual artists and musical artists because we like to make things fucking complicated as video artists don't we?! Instructions on streaming are in this Google document.

Okay phew. That's the link bomb. Got em all. Agenda. Streaming Instructions. Promo Videos. Link to Stream page. 

Please reach out to or through the Scanlines chat @edk (you can dm! slide on in!) for any questions. 

Thank you for your patience while we figure this all out. It's gonna be great.

Ed Kennedy
Brain Melting Enthusiast