Vidicon 2019


Live Stream Archives

See the archive of live streams of all the talks for Vidicon, as well as a general day to day multi cast that included all the art being created on the multiple video wall installations and projections. On the left is the recording from Friday. Below is a link to the playlist of 5 videos.

Work from our artists:


Featured virtual artist: Sara Goodman

Sara Goodman is near and dear to the heart of Vidicon. She is a driving and motivating force of artistic creation in Video art that inspires us to bring our art to our local communities.

 Sara is a poet, educator, curator, artist, VJ and creative Director based in Chicago.

You can also follow her on her instagram

Featured artist: Shawna Lee

Shawna Lee is a talented video artist based out of Minneapolis that breathes life into colorful shapes and textures so that they vibrate into existence across a cathode ray. 


Featured artist: Benjamin Braman

Benjamin Braman aka Amethyst Seer is a new media designer, multimedia producer, art director and musician based our of Phoenix, Arizona.

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Thank you: Jake Metz

Vidicon would not be a fully global virtualized stream without your tireless efforts. Your talents at turning an empty warehouse into a TV broadcast ready venue are astounding! Thank you for your incredible work to make Vidicon successful. 


Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

Thank you: Bill Wiatroski

Bill has been a supporter of Vidicon from DAY ONE and has been instrumental every step of the way, from spiritual guidance to cat herding, he has done it all. Thank you for your support Bill!


Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

Thank you: Tim Thompson

Tim, we love how you casually strolled in and set up the most incredible video generating musical invigorating instrument like it was a normal day. Your work is inspiring to every one of us Vidiots that likes to create instruments for the public. Thank you!