Event Location:

Der Bunker, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Ain't more underground than a warehouse.

Der Bunker is a big empty space ready to be filled to the brim with mind bending visual displays. We will have 3 video walls and one BIG video wall. When I mean big, I mean big... 35' diagonal LED wall stripped out of a football stadium. Add in lasers, projectors, and a massive sound system and you have something. Something special. 

That being said - lodging is up to you. We recommend sharing an AirBnb or hotel room with someone. Maybe asking for a couch if you don't have the funds. Post up on the forum and state what you are seeking. We will get ya sorted.

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A Virtual Vidicon

Vidicon will be taking place in a virtual space this year. We plan on using streaming over various platforms to a main screen, as well as Jitsi and Mozilla Hubs. We encourage experimentation and exploration, and we welcome ideas. 

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