Resonant Frequencies - Modular Open Mic

Vidicon 2019

Resonant Frequencies - Modular Open Mic

Proposed by Bill W.

Resonant Frequencies is on the road!

Resonant Frequencies is on the road!

Resonant Frequencies is a monthly open mic night based in Oakland, CA specifically for Experimental Electronic Musicians and Composers, accompanied by live Visual Synthesis with a focus on real time generation and performance. Within that framework we welcome all genres of music and visuals: West Coast School, Noise, Ambient, Illbeint, Beats, Glitch, Musique Concrete, Drone or your own unique style!

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Resonant Frequencies exists to promote community - what better way to do that than getting together, creating sights and sounds while sharing ideas and making connections? Collaborations are encouraged.
Begun in January 2018 and hosted at Soundwave Studios in Oakland, CA by Kevin Friedrichsen and supported by Mark Lentczner and Bill Wiatroski, Resonant Frequencies has provided a professional-level sound and visual environment for beginning and established performers of electronic music and sound art.

Kevin and Bill are excited to bring Resonant Frequencies 021 to Vidicon in Phoenix.

7pm - Performer signup
8pm - Res Freq start
12pm - Res Freq performances end
12:30pm - ???

Performers sign up to play 10-15 minute sets. Sign up and setup is one hour. The event lasts 3-4 hours with a short break midway. When the sign-up period is complete, the hosts will determine the set order: debut performers are ordered first, returning performers receive the later slots of the evening. Visualists are paired with Sound Performers, unless you have a combined Audio/Visual set. The hosts’ play first to break the ice. Please be ready to play by the end of the setup hour.

Sound Performers bring your rig and output to ¼” stereo, for Visuals we can accept composite, s-video, and HDMI up to 1920x1080P (your output may be scaled and corrected to fit display devices). Providing a long, high-quality output cable will facilitate placement.

Bill W.

Practical Info

11/08/2019 20:00 (US/Arizona)
4 hours