Vidicon 2020 Agenda (All times in MST)

11/12/2020 9 talks

11/13/2020 11 talks

11/14/2020 10 talks

11/15/2020 11 talks


DIY Workshops:

DIY workshops will be conducted on this website over Zoom

Please make sure you have the correct equipment. A soldering iron, solder, desoldering sucker or braid, adequate lighting and a decent webcam. We highly recommend a USB Microscope (like linked, there are many many brands, doesn't even need a very good zoom) which will allow our volunteers to assist you in troubleshooting.

Our circuit enthusiasts are volunteers. Please coordinate with your workshop leads ahead of time to be prepared, and order any parts, circuit boards and other items they specify long ahead of the event so you have everything ready when it's time to solder.

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Intro to KiCad: A hands on interactive workshop with Cyberboy666

Learn how to design and create printed circuit boards using the free and open source program Kicad. No prior experience needed! rsvp required as space is limited.

AveMod DIY Workshop with Syntonie!

Create an AveMod CBV001 (Eurorack) or CBV001s (standalone) video fx unit and glitch/scramble/texture/enhance your own video art. 

Sign up ahead of the event to order your kit, then assemble it via web conference with Bastien's patient guidance. Soldering iron, webcam required. Optional, but nice is a USB microscope (which you can also use for fun video experiments!)

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Odoo • Image and Text

Two_comparator_effect DIY with cyberboy666

The Comparator circuit is a Posterization video effect that produces high contrast video and differentiation. The circuit is based off a circuit design by Rob Schafer and made into an open source DIY project by Tim Caldwell and the Scanlines community.

Example of the circuit in action here

Oscilloscope Graphics Artist DIY with Evan Henry @Cinema.AV

The OGA as it’s known began its life as hobbyist project in Popular Electronics in the 1970’s as a way to generate complex lissajous figures on an oscilloscope. It has since been adapted by Phil Baljeu to work in a 3U eurorack modular format and looks great on an old analog scope or modified vectrex console.

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Following content will appear on all events

A Virtual Vidicon

Vidicon will be taking place in a virtual space this year. We plan on using streaming over various platforms to a main screen, as well as Jitsi and Mozilla Hubs. We encourage experimentation and exploration, and we welcome ideas. 

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