A/V performance by Alex Pelly

Vidicon 2020 Agenda (All times in MST)

A/V performance by Alex Pelly

Proposed by Alex Pelly

A/V Performance by Alex Pelly and Mitchell Brown  

Alex Pelly and Mitchell Brown will be collaborating on some synthesized ambient soundscapes with analog audio reactive synthesized visuals by Pelly. Alex Pelly is a Canadian video artist based in Los Angeles who frequently collaborates with musical accompaniment, her work serving simultaneously as a reflection of and muse to the music. Mitchell Brown aka Nanny Cantaloupe or Professor Cantaloupe, is an experimental musician, a DJ on KXLU, Dublab & in the community, a music label owner (Melon Expander), an events curator and an assistant to developmentally disabled children.

Alex Pelly

Practical Info

11/13/2020 18:00 (America/Phoenix)
1 hour