"A/V piece for peace in Artsakh" by Capablanca and Mihály Podobni

Vidicon 2020 Agenda (All times in MST)

"A/V piece for peace in Artsakh" by Capablanca and Mihály Podobni

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This video was originally made for Peace Through Culture, an initiative urging artists to use their platforms to raise awareness, funds for humanitarian aid, and support for the struggle of people of Artsakh.

For more information on the current situation and the initiative, please visit https://peacethroughculture.info/

If you wish to donate to humanitarian aid, please visit https://onearmenia.org/ and join their fundraiser.

Republic of Artsakh (or the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic) is a breakaway state in the South Caucasus that is internationally recognized as a part of Azerbaijan, while it’s mostly ethnic Armenian population has declared itself an independent republic. The situation led to a long going war, arming race, human rights violations, war crimes, thousands of deaths (both military and civilian), and hundred thousands of refugees.

On September 27, 2020, the armed conflict flared up again as the continuation of the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan. In the background, Turkey and Russia (totalitarian regimes of former empires) are pushing warmongering propaganda and waging a proxy war, fueled by nationalism, religion, and thirst for profit. Profit earned over human lives of Armenian and Azerbaijani people living in the region, who are victims of nationalism and war.

The hypocrisy of some governments are especially bothersome, as they turn a blind eye on the situation, while failing to see their responsibility in the conflict by enabling massive arms deals. Companies like Germany’s Rheinmetall, France’s Eurosam and and Israel’s Israel Aerospace Industries are looking at the conflicts in the region as a huge business opportunity and steady stream of million dollar deals.

Introduction of remote controlled armed drones lead to an alarming phenomenon: war porn recorded through the lenses of unmanned killing machines, edited into video streams, broadcasted on social media channels as a form of intimidation and demonstration of the Azeri power.

Since the first screening of the video, Azerbaijan made military advancements into Artsakh, leading to Armenia to capitulate. Russia and Turkey forced out a deal to end the conflict for now, however, this resolution is not based on the interest of the people living in the disputed areas, but rather a move to strengthen their political influence, secure trading routes and push their imperialist agendas.

The recent events once again showed how outdated the idea of a nation-state is in present times. Culture, roots and heritage can not be overwritten by political borders, nationalistic ideas and trade agreements.

The aim of this video is to raise awareness, and demand recognition of the rights of the people living in the region. We believe in the right of self-determination and demand security for Armenians of Artsakh and the Azerbaijani population of the adjacent territories, who were expelled during the war. We condemn the war crimes committed, the imperialist efforts of neighbouring powers and the profit earned by arm sales.

Power to the people


Soundtrack selected and mixed by Capablanca, with synthesised visuals by Mihály Podobni.

Capablanca is a sound artist and producer based in Berlin. Runs the label and publishing house Ediciones Capablanca.

Mihály is a Berlin based video artist and photographer, who’s main focus is experimental videos created with feedback techniques, accompanied by contemporary music, and documenting DIY culture through photography.

Tools used creating the video:
r_e_c_u_r DIY sampler
Edirol V4
Panasonic AVE5
Panasonic MX-50
Vivanco 3044 video processor
Panasonic Newvicon A1 tube camera
Canon 5D mkIII digital camera

Black Unity Trio - Opening Prayer
The Pagan Rites - Call Forth
Ka Baird - West End
Robert Turman - Flux
Galina Ozeran - Zolotaya
Smagghe & Cross - Drain
Bendik Giske - Up
Akward Corners - Stay Down
Nurse With Wound - Prelude To Alice The Goon
Logawav - Junho
E.g. Oblique Graph - Murders Linked To Gaullist Clique
Don Cherry - Gamla Stan - The Old Town By Night
William Saroyan - The Armenian and the Armenian (Inhale and Exhale)

Practical Info

11/15/2020 14:00 (America/Phoenix)
1 hour