Hydritsi, a video art platform by Autr

Vidicon 2020 Agenda (All times in MST)

Hydritsi, a video art platform by Autr

Proposed by Autr

An introduction to Hydritsi - a modified fork of video conferencing tool Jitsi Meet combined with Hydra Synth, P5.js and machine learning algorithms for experimental live-coding in video calls.

What it is we made - introduction to the fork and website How we got there - experimentation w. video calls during COVID What we have right now - a run down of features; tour of different examples with basic tutorial; which can expand / contract based on available time Techy details - location of the code, how to deploy, contribute How it’ll be used during vidicon - the url, rooms etc Future - new features, frameworks (Three.js, Tone.js) Questions - if time


Practical Info

11/12/2020 12:30 (America/Phoenix)
30 minutes