MatrixMixer / CMIX and feedback patching

Vidicon 2020 Agenda (All times in MST)

MatrixMixer / CMIX and feedback patching

Proposed by Martijn "ReverseLandfill"

Reverselandfill makes video modules focussed on color control, feedback routings and advanced mixing.

The liveset is made with a 100% DIY modular system. Cadet system 21, Castles, Syntonie CBV001 + VU002 
and my own modules. Matrix Mixer + CMIX for the camera feedback  & color routings
I did  a small bit of postprocessing to stitch 3 sets together , adding some subtle keying effects.
The Audio is also made on my modular, mostly DIY. distortion and feedback with my Monotropa modules,  Pentamix for mixing
LFO's + envelopes sync the video to the movements in sound.
My designs are all open source and available as DIY projects, as well as finished modules.

The Matrix Mixer has a 4x3 setup with 3 normal and one inverted channels. The gain of each channel can be set to 1x or 3x with jumpers on the back. With these gain options you can achieve soft key effects and extreme feedback routing.
The idea was also to be able to mix RGB channels, which enables you to achieve all possible colors.
The newest module, CMIX, is a 6 channel mixer. It is used for mixing several sources into complex patterns and shapes.
The normal channels add signals together, the inverted channels subtract signals.
The 2nd output allows for (example) a feedback routing option to add complexity and detail.

Martijn "ReverseLandfill"

Practical Info

11/13/2020 12:00 (America/Phoenix)
1 hour