Tsone (music) + ShawnaLee (visual)

Vidicon 2020 Agenda (All times in MST)

Tsone (music) + ShawnaLee (visual)

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tsone is the stage name of musician, sound designer, composer, visual artist and educator, Tony Obr. Tony works at the confluence of art, technology, and performance, focusing on innovative uses of sound and the development of interactive systems for electronic music performance, contemporary dance performance, and art installations. As tsone he uses modular synthesizers and custom software to craft complex, generative, rhythmic patterns, warm, gauzy, electronic detritus, and blasts of impenetrable walls of sound. His work has been released on a number of international recording labels including: Home Normal, txt recordings, Schematic Music Company, Sunwarped, Tessellate Recordings, Stereoscenic, Tsuku-Boshi, Audiotalaia, Dark Era Tapes, and Pocket Fields.

Shawna Lee is a Minneapolis video artist who creates live and recorded visuals using analog video synthesizers, modified electronic devices, various other video equipment and feedback techniques. As if peeking through a porthole into another dimension she navigates this space and controls waves of color and glowing geometric shapes with these tools. The end result is a hypnotic journey taken into uncharted video territory. Shawna has participated in gallery shows, an installation at the Walker Art Center’s 2019 Avant Garden, made demonstration videos for video synthesizer manufacturer LZX Industries, and collaborated with others at Vidicon, the first video art convention.

Instagram: iamadot
Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/iamadot

Practical Info

11/15/2020 18:00 (America/Phoenix)
1 hour