uuskhy + SIFI Music Video Premiere

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uuskhy + SIFI Music Video Premiere

Proposed by uuskhy + SIFI

uuskhy + SIFI is the collaborative project of Sara Goodman and Joey Meland. We would like to premiere our four new music videos as part of a live event. The music videos are: 1. Gradient Descent 2. Course Correct 3. December's Deep Wish 4. Plateu Hedge

You often hear about the coldness of software, the icy sterility of digital artifacts; despite the ones and zeros, the jagged edges of the pixelated render, there is a digital campfire crackling within the code and beckoning you to endless warmth. Here you will find two beings improvising with controllers, interfaces, and antique video hardware -- existing equally as human and avatar -- listening, reacting, and generating sparks of
///Digital Warmth///

Practical Info

11/13/2020 19:00 (America/Phoenix)
1 hour