Video Is A Possibility Generator

Vidicon 2020 Agenda (All times in MST)

Video Is A Possibility Generator

Proposed by Allen Riley

Example video project:

In this talk, I will share methods of collaborative live video production that I have explored in the context of experimental video projects for youth at Beam Camp and Beam Center since 2007. In these projects, youth collaborate to build and operate a video studio to create spontaneous video productions with themes ranging from games, meditations, re-enactments of dreams, science fiction and fantasy tropes, cryptid autopsies, and video feedback. We will examine how elements like narrative prompts and technical roles interconnect with hardware and software elements to perform signal flow operations within live video systems and what role such projects have in supporting a sense of purpose, agency and media literacy in youth.

Allen Riley

Practical Info

11/13/2020 15:00 (America/Phoenix)
1 hour