Vidicon 2021 November 12th - 14th

11/12/2021 01:00 to 11/14/2021 22:59 (America/Vancouver)


Palette - an open source visual instrument

  • Tim Thompson
  • 11/12/2021 17:00

SpectraColor Liquids; Light painter, visual artist

  • spectracolorliquids
  • 11/12/2021 18:00

Spectracolor Liquids: a solo project by Liv Spencer. This project (est. 2017) departs from from Liv's former all analog show Liquid Mountain Light Show (est. 2012) by continuing to repurpose used equipment, blending liquids with video clips, video feedback generation, collage elements, and most recently digitizing a project with an analog soul. Since May of 2020, Liv has produced 7 Monday Meltdown shows primarily soundtracked by their partner Kraig, aka Liquid Giraffe, a sound engineer and produ...

Rek'n it with P-DUB

  • 11/12/2021 22:00

Video Circuits Berlin

  • 11/13/2021 07:00

Sector7G Performance feat. Dominique McDougal

  • 11/13/2021 10:00

Live from Berlin sector_7g_visuals [1] [1] ...

Optical Collusion - LZX Video Synth & Music Improvisation

  • 11/13/2021 10:00

Live from Berlin optical_collusion [1] [1] ...

VanTa (video) & von Tsotzhousn (music) - Performance + Talk

  • 11/13/2021 11:00

Live from Berlin vantaanalogue [1] [1] ...

Cinema.AV Performance

  • 11/13/2021 12:00

Live from Berlin cinema.av [1] [1] ...


  • 11/13/2021 13:00

Hello Vidicon ! I discovered your festival last year as a virtual attendee (from Switzerland) and directly wanted to submit some piece for the next edition. I saw the open call a couple of hours ago ! And now it's already so close to the deadline. So it's hard to think of preparing something fancy/original in such a short time. Currently I'm working with musicians as a video technician and video artist for music videos and "scenography" as we call it in French. And our performance project called...

Bobby Pharoah A/V Set

  • bobby.pharaoh
  • 11/13/2021 13:10


  • Martijn "ReverseLandfill"
  • 11/13/2021 13:30

Module: SNOW (analog video noise), and maybe a new one something with edges and feedback. some ideas about unclean video, noise, feedback patching. ...


  • 11/13/2021 14:00

Title: Crystallography Segment Type & Overview: Made over the last ten months, Crystallography is a visual album centered around both audio and video synthesis. This work is intended to be a tool to assist the viewer on inner explorations, pursuing prismatic realities that may crystallize in one’s mind. Shawna Lee ...

Amateur Broadcast Engineering: Getting Your VideoWaves on the AirWaves

  • 11/13/2021 15:00

Presentation as well as select Vidicon segments will be broadcast in ATSC on 70 cm (447 MHz) and FM NTSC on 23 cm (1240 MHz) in West Central Florida. Exact frequencies and transmission modes pending RF conditions. ...

Video Synthesis Arcade Game

  • Allen Riley
  • 11/13/2021 16:00

Magnetic Field Recordings

  • Paloma Kop
  • 11/13/2021 17:00

DAT LAB: Golden SUN in Al Rayyan

  • Josh Rodenberg
  • 11/13/2021 17:24

Failure: A Thousand Times Over VHS Premier

  • Thee Severed Body
  • 11/13/2021 17:30

an hour w/Erogenous Tones and friends

  • Rick and James
  • 11/13/2021 18:00

Ed Kennedy is an awesome guy! ...


  • eyemcproduction
  • 11/13/2021 19:00

Music Videos by Pascal Hector

  • Pascal Hector
  • 11/13/2021 19:15

After watching to many scanimate and “mind’s eye” videos earlier this year in lockdown mode, i got obsessed with the idea to do “early computer” animation style musicvideo with the sequence capabilities of the lzx memory palace ( mempal). Background is a videoloop made in blender by Philip Müller and feed into the mempal via rgb inputs. The bird / dragon is a 64 frame sequence, played by the mempal media loader. Its animated / modulated with a syntonie quad lfo (x, y, zoom) and another lfo for t...

Evan Shamoon & Norman Bambi

  • Evan Shamoon
  • 11/13/2021 19:30

One of us is in Los Angeles (Evan) while the other is in Taiwan (Norman), so we'll be using remote sync software to perform together in Ableton Live. ...

"Local Oscillator"

  • 11/13/2021 20:00

Performance will be broadcast in ATSC on 70 cm and FM NTSC on 23 cm in West Central Florida. Exact frequencies and transmission modes pending RF conditions. ...

Through the Shadow Mask

  • 11/14/2021 13:30

Tree Of Light video exhibition

  • 11/14/2021 14:08

Selection of videos made during the year 2021. ...

Eric Schlappi and Bastien Lavaud

  • 11/14/2021 14:30

LZX Generation 3 Demo / AMA + Q&A

  • 11/14/2021 15:00

"LZX Enters Its Third Generation -- Join LZX Founder & Dungeon Master, Lars Larsen, for a live demonstration and discussion of the newest LZX products. What does Gen3 mean, why does it exist, and what's next?"...

Jake's Tech Talk

  • 11/14/2021 19:00

Remote audio visual real time collaboration - CALL TO ACTION ...

Rev. (Dirty Bill)

  • Bill W.
  • 11/14/2021 20:00

CINEMA & Friends Live From Berlin

  • Evan Henry

Much to tbd, but I’m making connections across the EU. May not actually occur with Berliner’s specifically, maybe the Spanish , English or Austrian. Perhaps there could be some live circuit-bending. Getting a lot of requests for that. Or hell, even a circuit-bending live on air tutorial. We’ll see. ...

Now That's What I Call Experimental Video 2021

  • Robert Jordan
  • 11/12/2021 17:45

Performance Anxiety, KitYoung / Tanukispidercat

  • Kit Young
  • 11/14/2021 16:30

VIDICON!!! ...

A/V performance synthesized by Alex Pelly

  • Alex Pelly
  • 11/14/2021 18:30

Description: Live audio and reactive video synthesis performed simultaneously. Bio:  Alex Pelly is a Canadian video artist based in LA whose work incorporates multiple generations of video technology, both analog and digital. Over the past five years her process has been centered on modular video synthesis. Frequently collaborative with musical accompaniment, her visuals serve as a reflection of and muse to the music simultaneously.  She has a monthly a/v radio show on dublab called PELLYVIS...

ULTRATERRESTRIAL screening and q&a

  • Andrei Jay
  • 11/12/2021 19:00

a) Lapses / Birth b) The Penitent

  • Vic
  • 11/12/2021 21:00

* VIC ** VIDICON November, 2021 * Vic is an Arizona-based artist with a penchant for marrying sound and imagery.  His longstanding projects include RPM Orchestra and Butoh Sonics . The former group accompanies silent film showings with live avant garde musical scores, while the latter showcases post-Butoh ritual dance alongside an electro-acoustic artnoise ensemble.  Vic is also active with the Arizona-based experimentalists Sound Art Arizona . With fewer opportunities for live video projectio...

Relms (Music Video)

  • Slow Collapse
  • 11/12/2021 21:30

A Prayer For Elvis

  • 11/12/2021 21:36

I look forward to helping spread the analog gospel in a direction that I feel is under-explored, i.e. finding common ground among the often-separate worlds of analog filmmakers and analog video enthusiasts. ...


  • Rachel "Rew"
  • 11/12/2021 21:44

listen to the full-length song at ...

Patrón de prueba 14: Interferencias

  • Javier Plano
  • 11/14/2021 16:00 ...


  • 11/14/2021 17:00

*4grace(s)(2021)* 4grace(s)  is a 38 minute meditation within a single modular video synthesis patch. Dedicated to – and created by invoking – pioneering computer programmer Grace Hopper,  4grace(s)  is an improvised visual score accompanying Suzanne Ciani’s “A Sonic Womb” performance performed live at Lapsus. The work is intended as an exploratory, cinematic unfolding of the spectral qualities of the “computer bug” – a term which Hopper coined in reference to an invasive moth in the Harvard M...

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A Virtual Vidicon

Vidicon will be taking place in a virtual space this year. We plan on using streaming over various platforms to a main screen, as well as Jitsi and Mozilla Hubs. We encourage experimentation and exploration, and we welcome ideas. 

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