Vidicon 2021 November 12th - 14th


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4grace(s) is a 38 minute meditation within a single modular video synthesis patch. Dedicated to – and created by invoking – pioneering computer programmer Grace Hopper, 4grace(s) is an improvised visual score accompanying Suzanne Ciani’s “A Sonic Womb” performance performed live at Lapsus. The work is intended as an exploratory, cinematic unfolding of the spectral qualities of the “computer bug” – a term which Hopper coined in reference to an invasive moth in the Harvard Mark II computer. 

Lauren Klotzman’s recent work examines gendered histories of computing and the nature of the screen via modular video synthesis, examining the legacies of marginalized technoancestors via the physical, gestural labor of patch programming. In using lensless video production generated by raw energy, the work embodies forgotten legacies via live performance sessions in which Klotzman channels marginalized predecessors in the history of computing: telephone switchboard operators, early computer programmers, and experimental musicians, among others. 

Lauren Klotzman is an artist, writer, and curator based in Marfa, Texas. They studied art and visual culture at Sarah Lawrence College, poetics at Naropa’s Jack Kerouac School, and are currently pursuing an MFA in Film/Video at Bard College. They have published with Hyperallergic, TROLLTHREAD, and The Operating System, among others. Their recent work explores hardware obsolescence, digital entropy, software nostalgia, marginalized technologists, and the 1990s. They are a firm believer in lo-fi decadence.

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11/14/2021 17:00 (America/Vancouver)
39 minutes