a) Lapses / Birth b) The Penitent

Vidicon 2021 November 12th - 14th

a) Lapses / Birth b) The Penitent

Proposed by Vic

VIC                                                                                        VIDICON November, 2021


Vic is an Arizona-based artist with a penchant for marrying sound and imagery.  His longstanding projects include RPM Orchestra and Butoh Sonics.  The former group accompanies silent film showings with live avant garde musical scores, while the latter showcases post-Butoh ritual dance alongside an electro-acoustic artnoise ensemble.  Vic is also active with the Arizona-based experimentalists Sound Art Arizona.


With fewer opportunities for live video projection alongside synth/noise artists, Vic’s entries here are comprised of online collaborations and studio accidents.  Glitch devices, video and audio synths - all the creations of an international cohort of gifted makers - are central to these pieces.  For those with sensitivity, please be cautioned that flickering/strobing and noisiness might be present.


Thanks to VIDICON for providing our vibrant community with an annual deep-dive into the state of the art.  We hope you have fun watching!


Submissions (times), description:


Short No.1  (0:53)

Rescan of Phosphorm through FFG


OmnmO  (0:50)

Short, using Artificial Life and an original backing track.


Birth  (4:57)

B&W analog feedback with audio-reactive percussive effect and an audio track by Chris Piraino of Sound Art Arizona.


Turnaround  (11:37)

Denizens of the forest provide a lively commentary as they witness a shamanic ritual of psychedelic infusion.  Collab with Ashiki, post-Butoh ritualist.  Olegtron & Korg DUO;  Strange Loop & Fluxus


Les Filles  (9:45)

Unlike the recent use of AI to depixilate Asian porno, here the videographer seeks to rescramble content to its original forbidden motel cable TV status.  POs, Ave Mod 2, TRQ, Ave5 and VCR


VCR Medley (9:27)

Video corruption meets Bolo, some angry ladies, and a viral attack.  Bastl Instruments, Syntonie.




Practical Info

11/12/2021 21:00 (America/Vancouver)
30 minutes