A Prayer For Elvis

Vidicon 2021 November 12th - 14th

A Prayer For Elvis

Proposed by YouthRacketRecords@gmail.com

I look forward to helping spread the analog gospel in a direction that I feel is under-explored, i.e. finding common ground among the often-separate worlds of analog filmmakers and analog video enthusiasts.

A forgotten 45rpm gift shop single recorded on Elvis's piano by the graveyard shift guard at Graceland provides the scratchy soundtrack to this disintegrating 16mm séance of The King.  It serves as a demonstration of one way in which video glitch synthesis can harmoniously co-exist with manually-distressed celluloid, and an analog meditation on the transcendent power of rock 'n' roll through vinyl testimonies from its humblest and most hardcore disciples.

Andy Ray started out interning at Troma's Hell's Kitchen headquarters, working as a rental clerk at I Luv Video, and writing for the Onion AV Club before heading up programming at the Austin Underground Film Festival and curating media for other groups including Kinemastik in Malta.  He's made music videos for dozens of punk, garage, and psych bands and festivals such as Levitation, his award-winning documentary Mondo Fuzz played the international underground festival circuit, and his own music has been featured in Rolling Stone.  He currently books Di$count $inema each month at the Blue Starlite Drive-In and DJs/plays guitar for Teenage Cavegirl while in pre-production on his debut narrative feature.  www.YouthRacket.com/     @youth_racket


Practical Info

11/12/2021 21:36 (America/Vancouver)
6 minutes