Music Videos by Pascal Hector

Vidicon 2021 November 12th - 14th

Music Videos by Pascal Hector

Proposed by Pascal Hector

After watching to many scanimate and “mind’s eye” videos earlier this year in lockdown mode, i got obsessed with the idea to do “early computer” animation style musicvideo with the sequence capabilities of the lzx memory palace ( mempal). Background is a videoloop made in blender by Philip Müller and feed into the mempal via rgb inputs. The bird / dragon is a 64 frame sequence, played by the mempal media loader. Its animated / modulated with a syntonie quad lfo (x, y, zoom) and another lfo for the Rotation. Also mixing / keying a little bit the background with the fox shutter and vs rgb matrix. Cutscenes are all done in Blender by Philip Müller Maybe its kind absurd to do the animations with analog gear (because it would be easy to do everything in blender but also takes a lot of time). had so much fun working on this. Was happy like a child, when i figured out how to scrubb through the pngs with a lfo.Also wanna keep the innocent vibe, like you got in early computer graphic Animation films

MUSIC VIDEOS Love-Songs & U. Schuette - Unregelmaeßiges Klicken Vaovao - Flattermann Phantom Horse -Vaporsnake

Pascal Hector

Practical Info

11/13/2021 19:15 (America/Vancouver)
15 minutes