SpectraColor Liquids; Light painter, visual artist

Vidicon 2021 November 12th - 14th

SpectraColor Liquids; Light painter, visual artist

Proposed by spectracolorliquids
Spectracolor Liquids: a solo project by Liv Spencer. This project (est. 2017) departs from from Liv's former all analog show Liquid Mountain Light Show (est. 2012) by continuing to repurpose used equipment, blending liquids with video clips, video feedback generation, collage elements, and most recently digitizing a project with an analog soul. Since May of 2020, Liv has produced 7 Monday Meltdown shows primarily soundtracked by their partner Kraig, aka Liquid Giraffe, a sound engineer and producer based in LA. The project also featured a few other guest DJs (Lander, Flagstaff; Ferran LeTung, Barcelona; J. Clay, Denver) and video artists (Riley Shorthair, Flagstaff; Thing Visuals, N. AZ). MM catalogued Liv's journey to keep artistic passion and performance alive as the pandemic changed everyone's lives.
This edit for Vidicon is a condensed version of MM Ep. 1, featuring a throwback 80s mix by Liquid Giraffe with video clips to match, closing with a special nod to Northern Arizona's spectacular landscape. 


Practical Info

11/12/2021 18:00 (America/Vancouver)
1 hour