Workshop & Swag Survey

Workshop & Swag Survey

What is your name? *

Given a price of 45$ would you want to create a CHA/V? Modified PCB from this project: *

Would you pay 45$ in parts for a Syntonie Ave Mod workshop? *

Will you be building a r_e_c_u_r? It will be bring your own parts (Approx. 75$, no soldering)

When would be the earliest you would like to have a DIY workshop?

Do you have any experience soldering?

Do you have or can you bring your own soldering iron?

Would you like to help with the workshop? We may need folks to assist with helping other solder, etc!

Would you be interested in a white t-shirt with a color print for 20$? Proceeds go towards Vidicon. *

Would you prefer a mens or womens shirt?

What size of shirt do you wear?

Would you be interested in buying an aluminium print of your work or others on site?